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By ordering our products, you agree to the conditions below, which are subject to change at any time without notice. We recommend you print and retain the Terms of Use although they are available at any time, and the return visit regularly.

These Terms of Use are intended to clarify the conditions for the sale of products available on the electronic catalog to the attention of its customers as part of a sales system remotely on the website

Vendor Identification
DLPFance (Development Leisure Beach), whose headquarters is located -
273, chemin de Rigoumel - 83200 TOULON

Identification of the Buyer
The customer enters their details in the Purchase Order which is available online. Customer information must contain his name, first name, complete mailing address and e-mail (e-mail)

Essential characteristics of products
The products marketed by DLPfrance items are fully inflatable PVC and standarded. These products are intended solely for entertainment both at the water's edge, near a swimming pool in a garden or on a boat. Their use as rescue boat is at the risk of users. A land use only.

Validity of the Offer
The products offer is valid while stocks last.

Validity of Price
Prices displayed on this page are guaranteed at time of order.

Validation of the order by the Customer
The client indicates its acceptance of the offer by clicking the SEND button of the Purchase Order. The "approval click" constitutes an electronic signature that has value between the parties of a handwritten signature.
In return, committed to deliver the products you have ordered.

Retail Awards "by the company DLP"
Prices are in Euros. Payment and billing is made in Euros. The unit price is displayed in French exc VAT applicable on the date of the order (19.60%) will be mentioned on the total amount of VAT invoice. Any changes will be reflected immediately on the sale price of products on the site. Product prices do not include shipping, which are extra. The charges are those listed on the site and invoice on the day of ordering.
Payment of the full price is due upon order unless expressly agreed in writing by the DLPFrance.

Confirmation of the order by
After receiving the command, Customer sends an email (e-mail) confirmation indicating its coordinates, the product(s) command(s), the total price and mode of delivery and Regulation.

Deadline for Withdrawal
The Customer have seven (7) working days to withdraw without penalty or giving any reason. He simply return product(s) in good condition and in original unopened packaging at its expense (the date of postmark). This period starts from the date of receipt by the Customer. Customer will reimburse the ammount(s) paid in exchange for the return of (the) product(s) to Customer's expense, within thirty (30) days of receipt by product(s) where appropriate.

Customer pays his command:
* Check in euros, compensated by a French bank, payable to Society DLP The check must be accompanied by a Purchase Order printed and sent to:
DLP company whose headquarters are located - 273 Road Rigoumel - 83200 TOULON
Any other mode of payment will be agreed expressly in writing by the Directorate of DLP.
* Payment by Credit Card secured Paypall

The Terms of Delivery and Reclamation you book by mail as indicated on the site at the time of the Order. Delivery times are as indicated on the Purchase Order.
Warning: If you choose to pay by check, order will be processed upon receipt thereof and the time announced to leave this time.

Some countries restrict the entry of goods into their territory. It is on the buyer to verify the conditions of access for items ordered in the country of destination. not be held liable for any destruction or blockage of packages entering the country of destination.

Delivery times are indicative strives to meet but they can cause overflow or cancellation of orders and compensation type. All deliveries not made within 30 days of the Order results in automatic termination and right of it. Any claim about the nature or the nonconformity of the product(s) pound(s) must be made in writing immediately upon receipt of the/those objects to the siege of, without prejudice to be taken with transporters. Customer must keep the packaging and packing slip.

The products are delivered to the address specified by Customer on the Order online. Upon delivery, the Customer must verify compliance and product status. If during this check, the customer finds the damage, he may refuse delivery of the product or must make reservations on the packing slip before signing the receipt and immediately notify by mail to:, indicating the number of Customer's order.

Customer absentee is required to withdraw the product to the address given by the delivery company. If after the time specified in the notice of delivery (usually 15 days), the Customer has not withdrawn the product, it is returned to who reserves the right to refund the Customer the price of the product ( the shipping costs remaining at its expense) as soon as possible to preserve the product.

Defective product
In case of demage of delivered product, Customer agrees to return within two (2) days following receipt of the product in its original packaging (without opening the packaging) and accompanied by client’s order number, undertakes to return (at his expense) to the Customer the product ordered on receipt of the original product.

The Customer is guaranteed by DLP. Products bearing the brand name DLP are guaranteed 15 days. The company undertakes to replace the products brand DLP (subject to our acceptance) if under normal use a fault or defect appeared and turned unfit for use that they were intended.

Conservation Transactions
The archiving of purchased orders and invoices is made on a reliable and sustainable manner that has to be preserved as a faithful and durable copy.

Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights attached to the product is the full owners property without exception. Any reproduction or use of a intellectual property rights mentioned above is prohibited.


Entire Agreement
These Terms of Use constitute the entire obligations of the parties. No general or special communicated by the Client may not fit with these conditions.

Disputes and Applicable Law
The parties seek an amicable solution to any dispute arising from the performance of these Terms and Conditions. Failing settlement, the dispute will be subject to French law. This is both substantive rules for the formal rules. Jurisdiction of court is made to the Courts of Toulon (France) even in cases of multiple defendants, appeal or collateral referred to together, the DLP a substantial condition without which it would not have contracted. Where any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, that clause is void and can not invalidate this Agreement. The Parties shall endeavor to negotiate in good faith, a provision equivalent replacement.